Belltec Designs. Kings Lynn Engravers.

From a single personalised keyring, or bottle opener, to a bulk run for a commercial customer, we can help you be unique.

With Laser Engraving, you can take everyday objects, and turn them into something unique, and special. The list of materials that can be engraved is almost endless. Some materials work better than others, but all give an individual look.

A gift is made even more special, when it is engraved, with something meaningful. A special occasion, or just a thank you. A personalised gift, shows that you have put some thought into it.

A simple slate coaster with a heartfelt message, shows you care. We can convert a handwritten message to an engraved image.

Aluminium Business cards are another popular subject for laser engraving.

They look much better than a regular paper card, and convey a higher quality message.

Due to the limited number of products we are able to show on the website, we would encourage you to get in contact with us, with your ideas, and requests.

There can be so many variations of the products on show, without even considering the many more now available.

With the addition of the new CO2 Laser, we are now able to supply many more materials. 

Wooden plaques, chopping boards, cheese boards, kitchen utensils. In fact, as long as we can get it in the Laser, we will try to engrave it.

Acrylic comes in many different colours, and finishes. It can be used for signs, decorations, artwork, and many more.

If there is anything you are looking for, but don't see, on the site, please contact us to see if we can help you.

We have access to the acrylic shown on the left. It is a thin coloured top surface, with a thicker base colour. When engraved, it reveals the base colour for a perfect contrast. The Gold colour has a light brushed finish which looks like a brushed brass, but easier to shape, and more cost effective. These make a great award trophy, when mated to other materials.

We are Kings Lynn based, and can Engrave many different objects for you.

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Kings Lynn Engravers.

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